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Subject: Modification to the Remediation Process

Hello students!
There is a modification to the remediation process for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.
The current policy that is outlined in your syllabus was not serving the students as intended and was not consistently executed across the program. A committee was formed (Dr. Green, Dr. Leineke and Dr. Trepte). The committee dove into the evidence and used suggestions from highly regarded resources for the development of the plan.  This modified process is in effect immediately.

What is remediation: Before I move on, let's talk about remediation. In the DPT program at Campbell we have identified 70% as the minimum passing grade. Any grades obtained BELOW 70%, according to our policy, requires remediation. The process of doing remediation is what this new process describes.

Remediation Summary:
For the entire process, review the attached document

  *   When the grades are released following an assessment (test, OSCE, practical, etc) and a student sees they have not achieved the minimum score of 70% it is the student's responsibility to initiate the remediation process within 48 hours of the time the grades were released.
  *   To initiate the remediation process, the student will fill out the Corrective Action Form (attached here and in the Remediation Revision folder in your cohort folder on Blackboard) and email it to their advisor and course coordinator acknowledging their awareness of their earned grade. Again, the email with the completed Corrective Action Form must arrive to the course coordinator and advisor within 48 hours of the release of the grades.
  *   From there, the advisor will review the form and decide if email or a meeting is needed with the student to discuss strategies for future success and share resources. The Corrective Action Form is stored in the student's advising folder for the duration of the program.
  *   The course coordinator can decide if specific content remediation will occur. They also can decide how this will occur.
  *   For courses with practicals, skills checks and OSCE's, the course coordinator will individually decide how remediation will occur in their course. This will be written in the syllabus. For those in courses right now with these types of assessments, ask your course coordinator to clarify how remediation will be done for the course this spring (as the syllabus went out before this revision was finalized so it is NOT reflected in the current syllabi for Spring 2022)
Remediation Goal:
To enhance the student's success in the program, in the profession and in life. This allows the student to be linked with useful resources as needed, reflect on utilized strategies and for the advisor to be aware of performance across the courses in a given semester.

We are aware that this is a new process and there could possibly be hiccups- if there is confusion or a breakdown in the process, let one of the committee members know so we can adjust as needed.

Let Drs. Green, Trepte or Leineke know if you have any questions.

Have a good afternoon!
Dr. Green

Michelle Green, PT, DPT I Campbell University

Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy

Curriculum Committee Chair

CPHS Student Conduct and Professionalism Committee Chair

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

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