[Pt2024] Kahoot Review

King, Joshua jdking0114 at email.campbell.edu
Wed Apr 20 19:04:20 EDT 2022

Hey guys!

I hope those who attended the review session found it at least somewhat
helpful. Attached below is the kahoot link and a google doc link (let me
know if you have trouble opening it) that has all the questions, answers,
and their rationales. We apologize for a few typos throughout, I went back
through and tried to correct all of them. If you guys have any suggestions
on things you would like to see us do differently, we are open to
suggestions. We are here for you guys and let us know any way we can help
you. Good luck on your finals!

Have a great evening!



*Josh King, SPT*
Doctor of Physical Therapy Student
Class of 2023
Campbell University | College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Contact: (570) 295-4502 | jdking0114 at email.campbell.edu
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