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Wanted to pass this interesting information on to you! New and exciting advances for the pharmacy profession!

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As pharmacists know, the General Assembly passed and Governor Cooper signed into law S.L. 2021-110, which confers on qualified pharmacists the ability to dispense, deliver, or administer certain therapeutics. Among the authorized therapeutics are self-administered oral and transdermal hormonal contraceptives. (For a complete overview of S.L. 2021-110, see: http://www.ncbop.org/PDF/SL2021110GuidanceAug2021.pdf<http://ncap.memberclicks.net/message2/link/d1d9da5f-889b-4ee4-aa60-e6463a83c781/1>.

Today, is a historical day for North Carolina pharmacists, patients and the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists.  The first of five anticipated standing orders, based on NCAP's legislative efforts last session, has now been signed.

State Health Director Betsey Tilson has issued the Oral and Transdermal Hormonal Contraceptives standing order, its required appendices (Appendix A: Minimum Pharmacist-Initiated Oral and Transdermal Self-Administered Combined Hormonal and Progestin-Only Contraceptives Patient Questionnaire and Appendix B: Pharmacist-Initiated Hormonal Contraception Assessment and Treatment Care Pathway), and an associated Documentation and Communication Form. These documents may be found here: https://ncpublichealth.info/HDSO-pharmacists.htm<http://ncap.memberclicks.net/message2/link/d1d9da5f-889b-4ee4-aa60-e6463a83c781/2>.

As the standing order notes, immunizing pharmacists “who provide contraception products in accordance with this standing order must also complete North Carolina Hormonal Contraception Training Program.” The North Carolina Association of Pharmacists is producing this training program. Now that the standing order has been finalized and signed, NCAP can now complete the development of the final components of the training program.  The training program will be made available online. The Board of Pharmacy has agreed to fund the training program for up to 6,000 North Carolina resident pharmacists over the next 12 months. When the training program is operational, both NCAP and the Board of Pharmacy will provide more information, including instructions for accessing the program and documenting completion of the training.  Please continue to monitor both the BOP and NCAP websites at – www.ncbop.org<http://ncap.memberclicks.net/message2/link/d1d9da5f-889b-4ee4-aa60-e6463a83c781/3> – and  – www.ncpharmacists.org<http://ncap.memberclicks.net/message2/link/d1d9da5f-889b-4ee4-aa60-e6463a83c781/4> – for updates.

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