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Hello Campbell DPT,

Please see the message below regarding the in-person and virtual food drive!


Rich Ortiz, SPT, CF-2, HLC-1, PN-1
Campbell DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy Student
Class APTA Liaison | Program APTA Delegate

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Hello Delegates,

North Carolina Student Conclave is right around the corner! This year the
community service project committee has organized a canned food drive to
take place on the day of conclave to benefit the Food Bank of Eastern and
Central North Carolina. To encourage participation from all PT and PTA
students and faculty, not just those able to attend in person on March 26th,
we are also hosting a virtual food drive now through the end of the month.
Our goal is to raise one thousand dollars through our virtual drive. All
proceeds go directly to the food bank (see the link to the virtual drive
below). I have also attached a flyer with information about both the canned
and virtual drives. *At your earliest convinience, please forward this
information to your respective programs. *I appreciate all your work as
delegates. Please email me if you have any questions.

Link to virtual drive:

Thanks for your help,


*Julie Hanson, SPT *

Director of Community Service NC SSIG

Doctor of Physical Therapy Division

Duke University School of Medicine

Class of 2022

*She/Her/Hers (Why Pronouns Matter
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