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Thu Jan 27 15:01:35 EST 2022

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to those who came to our first meeting this afternoon. The
purpose of this meeting was to orient the first years to what the DPT
Orthopaedic SIG is all about and also provide a platform for suggestions on
anything and everything including possible events. If you were unable to
attend and have any questions or ideas please let us know through a
response via this LINK

*Our next meeting date with Dr. Myers is to be determined, keep an eye out
for another email.*

*Recap from the meeting:*

What is the MSK SIG?: Special Interest Group for those wanting to learn
more about Outpatient Orthopedics and would like to be involved with a
student led organization specific to those interests. Anyone can join, and
to be a member, you just have to come to the meetings!

We have Facebook and Instagram, but usually communicate via Email. Follow
us to keep up with future group events!


   Facebook: CU Orthopedic SIG

   Instagram: Campbell_ortho_sig

*What do SIG events usually look like?*

   1. Lunch and Learns and Interviews with Guest Speakers
   2. Hold case study reviews/skills practice to help prepare for practical
   3. Specials guests who present on a specific topic

Below I have attached recordings of our previous meetings. There is a
wealth of information here, and a lot to learn if you have the extra time
and would like to listen to them! I have placed them here to give everyone
an idea of what we normally have going to as to spark some suggestions. We
can also have alternative style events as well, we just need to hear your

Dr. Liu- Discussed Fellowship vs Residency and opens the floor for “PT
night out”


Dr. Yost-provided a unique perspective of residences from someone who was
once in our current shoes -Campbell DPT grad


Dr. Beard-Provided provided an outstanding overview of the pros/cons of
working in various settings such as private practice and travel therapy. He
also spent some time differentiating between types of clinics. He presented
all of the information relative to Campbell DPT students (as he was one


Dr. Matt Hartshorne- Came in and demonstrated orthopedic related motor
control interventions


Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Soydan, and Dr. Gilbertson- VA Residency Presentation


Dr. Wendy- ACL Rehab


Soon we will be handing leadership of the MSK SIG over to the 2nd years,
until then we will run as normal. We need inquiries and event ideas to keep
the ball rolling; if you have anything you would like to suggest it can be
expressed via the google doc link
and they will be addressed as soon as possible.

*MSK Website:*

We also discussed The MSK SIG website which is an AWESOME resource that
includes access to 150-200 manual therapy skill/technique videos and is
super useful when studying for practicals, refreshing skills now and as a
future clinician, and referencing while on clinical experiences. Best of
all, it is only $15 for lifetime access! If you are interested in
subscribing to the website and supporting the group, please go to this LINK
to add your contact information and we will reach out to you on how to
purchase access!

*MSK Apparel: *
We will be having customized MSK SIG apparel!!
Below I have attached the design that will be used on the clothing and the
different options that will be offered (as well as some of the pricing).
Please keep your eyes out for an email early next week for details on how
to order! Again all profits from the apparel will also go directly towards
fundraising for our group. Support MSK SIG and show off your interests in
Orthopaedics with these awesome clothing options!

PA - Soft Shell Core Vest:  $42/ea

Men’s avail in Battleship Gray & Black Charcoal Heather - Ladies available
in those colors as well as Black

Omega Tech Polo - $40/ea

Available in Gray, Black & White; Men's and Women's available.

*Black 1/4 Zip option:*

*Short Sleeve T option:*

*Long Sleeve Option:*

Have a great rest of the week, and stay safe if you are traveling around
this weekend!

*Patrick Cody Mabe, SPT*
*Doctor of Physical Therapy Student*
*Campbell University Class of 2022*

*2022 MSK SIG President*
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