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Gee, Chandler cegee0204 at email.campbell.edu
Fri Jan 28 05:50:00 EST 2022

 Howdy Friends!!

My name is Chandler, the third year Vice-President and those of you I have
not met yet, WELCOME!!😆 I hope these first few weeks of class have been
going great!

I am reaching out to let y'all know that Michael (our class president) and
I are working on getting some apparel items out to everyone as quickly as
we can. There's some bureaucratic red tape that we've got to navigate in
order to get the Campbell logo on everything, trademarks/copyrights/all
that nonsense, but we will send an update soon.

We will be joining y'all back on campus today and to speak for myself I am
looking forward to it! Don't be a stranger, if you've got any questions or
comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out!

*Chandler Gee, SPT*
Doctor of Physical Therapy Student
Campbell University | College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Class of 2022 | Vice President
(817)-235-4910 | cegee0204 at email.campbell.edu
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