[Pt2024] Update in person lab 1/20

Myers, Bradley bmyers at campbell.edu
Tue Jan 18 19:52:37 EST 2022

DPT class of 2024,

We have been given approval to hold labs this Thursday and Tuesday of next week. The rest of your courses will remain remote. You will have lab with Dr. Sawyer from 8am to noon in room 323. You will also have lab with Dr. Green in the afternoon in room 319.

We will be asking you to pair up for these labs, so please start thinking about your potential lab partner. Once we pick, you will stay paired with this partner until our Covid guidance begins to relax (same pairs for all courses and labs). Please consider your living arrangements while pairing. The intention is to limit our potential for spread if someone becomes positive. This makes isolation and tracing much easier.

We will be asking you all to adhere to strict mask wear. Please wear a well-fitted mask, preferably an N95 or KN95 with surgical mask as a next best option. We will have some additional masks available but please arrive with the best mask you have.

If you have symptoms please do not come to lab. We will send you home. The ability to have in person labs while the rest of campus is in remote learning is dependent upon our ability to prevent and at worst case control any potential spread on campus.

If you are not comfortable with attending lab this week, come down with symptoms, or have the need to quarantine or isolate please let me know.

Dr Myers

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