[Pt2024] What's Up My Neuro Nerds?! (AMAZING Lunch & Learn Recording)

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Dr. Goodine said she had a great time with all of you and that the questions were very thoughtful and showed your interest and passion.
Nice way to represent!

Thank you Lyndsey for doing such a great job organizing our learning!
Dr. Green

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Subject: RE: What's Up My Neuro Nerds?! (AMAZING Lunch & Learn Recording)

Hello everyone!

We had an amazing time meeting and learning from Dr. Goodine of Empower SCI. I am personally inspired for the infinity of options in helping patients, once Campbell is silly enough to give me a degree and set me loose on the public. The recording for our meeting is here<https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KgXrDr9YB79SKEUtR5yvio-KNxZPP3uO/view?usp=sharing>. You can view an amazing clip (watched in the meeting) that introduces the impact of Empower, here<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOqEmlEP0r4>. And you can find applications to be a participant in Empower, here<https://www.empowersci.org/>.

It was so great to see so many new faces and names of our DPT1s and to see some familiar DPT2s and 3s. We will schedule an organizational meeting in February to pass on the mantel of leadership to the 2s and 1s, however they see fit to do whatever they see fit. Expect it to be on a Thursday at lunch (hopefully in person) or virtual, outside of class.

Catch you nerds later,

Lyndsey Owens, SPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student
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Subject: What's Up My Neuro Nerds?! (Lunch & Learn Thursday!)

Hello everyone!

The Neuro SIG is kicking things off with a virtual Lunch and Learn, this Thursday, January 13th at 12:10pm with Dr. Goodine of Empower SCI<https://www.empowersci.org/>. We are so excited to speak with her and you can join the meeting, with this link<https://campbell-edu.zoom.us/j/92103288949>.

Here is a recording of our latest Lunch and Learn with Dr. Nelson of Destination Rehab<https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pxvkW6gTlLHXSzFzMFFf9wl_bLwA_6_X/view?usp=sharing>! If you would like to access other recordings of our amazing Lunch and Learn guests, you can do so, here<https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13P4bHqDk8KimEcHnRBy4Wh7Cgv4lL3tX?usp=sharing>.

*note: If I am not mistaken, these links are restricted to the Campbell network. So you will have to be logged into google via your Campbell email address.

WELCOME DPT1s!!!!!! We will be having an introductory meeting in February so that everyone interested in some extra neurological knowledge and fun and get together and come up with amazing things to do. For now, you can join our lunch and learn and you can check out our Instagram page<https://www.instagram.com/cudptneuro/>. We look forward to meeting you soon.

DPT2s!!!!! Now is the time for you all to begin thinking about who would like to be Neuro SIG officers, as we will be holding an election in the spring! Right now, the 3s have a President, Vice President, and a Communications Chair. As you can tell, our amazing members love to take on projects and create opportunities to learn, so our leadership has functioned to facilitate these endeavors. Feel free to create and eliminate positions to suit your vision for how the SIG will be run, in the future.


  1.  Recording of Dr. Nelson of Destination Rehab is linked above.
  2.  Lunch and Learn with Dr. Goodine of Empower SCI’s is this Thursday.
  3.  DPT1s get ready for some more neuro nonsense.
  4.  DPT2s get ready to elect your officers. Now is your time to take the reins!

Thanks for hanging in there. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas for fun stuff in the future.

All the best,

Lyndsey Owens, SPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student
Class of 2022
Campbell University | College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Contact (918) 404-4001 | lrowens0306 at email.campbell.edu<mailto:lrowens0306 at email.campbell.edu>

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