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 The first step of making an epoxy clock is mixing two different components
of Epoxy Resin. When they are mixed properly the resin is clear and is able
to be easily scraped from the top of your surface. Then, warm up the two
components in order to make them easier for you to use. This causes the
resin to melt and to react faster. Once the resin has been mixed, carefully
put the two pieces on the wooden face of the clock. After the resin has
hardened then remove the clock face.
Step-by-Step Instructions to Create Epoxy Clock

After the resin has completely cure, you are able pouring it into the mold.
Do not touch the resin you have poured, or allow it to cure. In the event
that your surface appears too hard, you can use the microbutane torch to
help soften the surface. It is also essential to keep the mold from burning
as the heat produced by the torch can trigger the resin to bond with the
mold. After the resin has completely cured, you can begin building the

Then, you'll have to then paint your Epoxy clock http://quantumepoxy.co.in
face with the resin. This can be done with small sticks. Use a torch to
burn off any bubbles that may be popping up. After the resin has cured then
it's time to take off the mold and tape. Once the clock is painted, use a
heat gun to eliminate any bubbles that could appear. If you need to take a
step, make sure you don't touch the surface of the clock, as you could
damage it.

When the resin has completely dried, you can remove it off of the mold. You
could use a microbutane torch to melt the resin and pop any bubbles that
may form over the top. Then, wait at least a few days for the clock to set
completely. At the end of 24 hours you can begin assembling the clock, and
paint the face. After two days, you'll be able to finish the fine metals,
mica and any other ornamental details.

To finish the clock, you must place the vinyl record on an acrylic base.
After a couple of minutes, the resin will be cure. To remove the mold, you
can also use a micro butane torch to warm it gently. Make sure to wear
gloves as well as a micro butane torch to prevent any skin irritation or
burns. Within two days you can start assembling the clock. After the cure
has been completed, you can then add the mica powder or precious metals.

After the resin has dried and dried, it is time to remove it from the mold.
To achieve this, make use of a tiny butane torch to pop up bubbles that may
have risen over the top of the mold. If the resin is wet, be cautious not
to come into contact with the plastic as this could cause damage to the
clock. After that, you can place the acrylic base on the table or place it
on the old vinyl record.

Once the resin is cured and dried, it's time pouring the mold with the
resin. Once the resin is dried, you must make sure that it is cool enough
to be able to remove the mold. To create a perfect, flat clock, use a small
butane torch that melts the resin. Be cautious not to overheat the resin
because it could adhere to the mold. After the resin has dried, you should
use the foil of gold and various other rare metals.

Then then, pour the resin in the mold and wait until the mold has dried.
Make sure you don't touch the surface as it may cause mess. It is
recommended to wear protective gloves when working with the material
because it isn't skin-friendly. You can make use of an ultra-low
temperature torch to melt the resin. After that, you can cut off the tape.
Be cautious not to burn the resin since it might remain on the mold made of

After preparing the resin , and mix the resin and mixing it, pour the resin
into the mold and let it sit for 10 minutes so that it to cure. It is vital
to note that you should never be touching the resin while it's still
liquid. It can be extremely difficult to remove while it is still cured, so
be sure to adhere to the directions carefully. Then, you need to connect
the quartz. Following that, you will be able to make use of the quartz
crystal to set the time.
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