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Mutima, Jolie j_mutima0304 at email.campbell.edu
Thu Sep 22 08:00:00 EDT 2022

Hello everyone!

Just a few more days to get through and then we will be on a much needed
break! On behalf of IFC, we would like to invite you all
to Round Robin 2022 on *Thursday, October 6th from 5-8pm *in* Student Union
Ballrooms, located on the 2nd floor. *This is the time for you to meet and
get to know the different pharmacy fraternities here on campus. We ask that
you arrive at *Harris Teeter Lecture Hall* by *no later than 4:45pm*. We
will break you into 3 different groups and you will have 45-50 minutes with
each fraternity where you will play games/activities, get to chat, and get
to know about each fraternity. If you are interested in attending this
 You *CAN* still come if you do not sign up, this is to give us an estimate
of how many people will be in attendance.

*There will be a rush event one night a week every week starting
with Round Robin until the end of this block.* Each fraternity will send
out more information regarding their rush events at a later time. You *must*
 attend* 2 out of 3* rush events associated with the fraternity you are
interested in order to be *eligible to receive a bid* from that fraternity.
We encourage you to go to each rush event every fraternity has so you can
get to know them better and you can be confident that they are a good fit
for you and you a good fit for them. Bids will be given out on
*November 17th* (time to be determined). Bids will need to be *turned in by
November 21st at 5 pm *to the Office of Admissions & Student Affairs (boxes
will be placed there for each fraternity)*.* If you receive a bid from
multiple fraternities, you have to make a decision and *accept only 1 bid*.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the
fraternity presidents listed below!

Kappa Epsilon - Jolie Mutima ( j_mutima0304 at email.campbell.edu)
Phi Delta Chi - Leann Harward (lrharward1124 at email.campbell.edu)
Kappa Psi - Aubrey LaVoie (aolavoie0730 at email.campbell.edu)

*Dates to Keep In Mind: *
10/13 - PDC
10/20 - KE
10/27 - KY
11/3 - PDC
11/10 - KE
11/15 - KY

Good luck to everyone studying this weekend!

*Jolie Mutima*
PharmD, MBA Candidate 2024
Campbell University | College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Kappa Epsilon Pharmaceutical Fraternity | President
North Carolina Association of Pharmacists | President
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