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The CUSOM Wilderness Medicine Race has been reborn!

Have you ever wondered what to do if you’re out hiking and your friend is struck by lightning… or attacked by a bear… or both if they’re just having a really bad day? (as unlikely as it seems, it’s not out of the question: Unlucky man hit by lightning then mauled by bear | HeraldNet.com<https://www.heraldnet.com/news/unlucky-man-hit-by-lightning-then-mauled-by-bear/>)

If you answered yes or haven’t thought about it but want to find out, come join us at the Wilderness Medicine Race on October 22nd!


Coming this fall, on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 the Wilderness Medicine Club will be hosting a day-long event featuring wilderness medicine topics! This event will be open to EVERYONE including PA, nursing, and pharmacy students – anyone with an interest in learning more about what wilderness medicine is all about.

The day will start off with lectures from five of our dedicated CUSOM faculty that cover topics ranging from hyperthermia to animal attacks. After lectures, a FREE LUNCH will be provided and then we will direct you to an offsite location (around Levine Hall) for afternoon scenarios where you will get to apply what you’ve just learned. This will be a full day event so be sure to pack what you need for that day (medications, etc.) – we will be providing snacks in the morning during lectures.

The event will be limited to 60 participants. If we reach that cutoff and you’re not on the list but would like to join, we will add you to a waitlist and will contact you ASAP if someone can no longer make it. The registration fee for the event is $25 which includes lunch.

Here is the signup link: https://igfn.us/form/q7-D4A

Wilderness medicine skills can be used in ANY profession and are useful even if you are not a medical professional. We hope this event will shed light on what wilderness medicine is all about and maybe even inspire some of you to pursue it in your future careers!



Zohdi Cooperrider Young

William Green

Anna Skubiz

Be Well,

Kathleen "KT" Staffaroni

Student Affairs Coordinator | Office of Admissions & Student Affairs

Campbell University | College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

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