[Phar25] March PSEB Meeting - 3/16 at 12pm

PSEB Secretary psebsecretary at email.campbell.edu
Tue Mar 15 07:30:00 EDT 2022

Hello, everyone!

This is a reminder that the PSEB student body meeting will be held
this *Wednesday,
March 16th at 12pm* in *Harris Teeter Lecture* *Hall.* Remember that each
organization must have at least one representative present at all PSEB
student body meetings.

All other students are also welcome to attend, however it is not required.
I look forward to seeing you all there and please let me know if you have
any questions. Thanks!

*Sydney Davis*
Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
PharmD Candidate | Class of 2023
Pharmacy Student Executive Board | Secretary
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