[Pt2024] Lunch and Learn w/ Dr. MaryEllen Axner: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Mabe, Patrick pcmabe0730 at email.campbell.edu
Wed Mar 16 13:43:51 EDT 2022

Hello everyone,

Thank you to those who came to yesterday's meeting where Dr. MaryEllen
Axner taught and demonstrated foundational principles of Dynamic
Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). We were able to practice DNS techniques
in lab with her instruction, which was an awesome opportunity.

Below I will attach the powerpoint she used at the beginning of the meeting
to outline DNS; feel free to download and take a look if you are

Also, if anyone has any questions for Dr. Axner she as graciously provided
her email; address: kitherapy at hotmail.com. She would be happy to answer any
and all questions you may have.

Thank you,

*Patrick Cody Mabe, SPT*
*Doctor of Physical Therapy Student*
*Campbell University Class of 2022*

*2022 Orthopaedic SIG President*

On Fri, Mar 4, 2022 at 1:59 PM Mabe, Patrick <pcmabe0730 at email.campbell.edu>

> Hello Everyone!
> Dr. Axner will be coming to speak with the DPT Orthopaedic SIG about
> Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization on *Tuesday, March 15th @12-1* in *Room
> 323*. Dr. Axner is co-owner of a private practice in Sanford, North
> Carolina and received her PhD in orthopedic and sports PT. She has
> recently taught clinical development courses on DNS. This is a great
> opportunity for all three cohorts to learn how to clinically apply DNS (3rd
> years getting ready to leave for rotations). Big shout out to
> Timothy Atkins for reaching out and making this possible!
> Dr. Axner will be demonstrating skills and will provide instruction for us
> all to practice DNS techniques during the session. *She has asked for us
> to **wear comfortable clothes because after a brief presentation we will
> jump **right into lab. *
> Everyone keep in mind we are very close to turning the Ortho SIG over the
> 2nd year officers.
> *Your new officers are as follows:*
> Melissa Stieb: President
> Stephen Hill: Treasurer
> Matt Roberson: Faculty liaison
> Christy Payne: Communications
> There are some ideas that are in the works and will be passed along to the
> 2nd year officers. With that being said, any and all recommendations and
> potential speakers you have for them will make the transition into
> leadership of the Ortho SIG much easier. It really helps with planning
> for future events. The group lives and breathes based on member
> interest and contribution to planning of meetings. Ideas are crucial!
> But wait, there's more!
> Michael Hunt has worked very hard organizing a Nutrition *"Lunch-n-Learn"*
> Panelist Discussion about the handoff between PT and Registered Dietitians.
> This is a hot topic and the PT world and a prime opportunity to learn more
> on the subject. Please tune into this ZOOM LINK
> <https://campbell-edu.zoom.us/j/98694364264?pwd=M013VEc1bzlkTWxrUGVnQXhiU3RjQT09>
>  @*Thursday March 10th from 12:00pm-1:00pm*! Questions will start being
> answered around 12:05ish.
> Also, thank you again to all of those who ordered Ortho SIG apparel.
> Thank you all,
> *Patrick Cody Mabe, SPT*
> *Doctor of Physical Therapy Student*
> *Campbell University Class of 2022*
> *2022 MSK SIG President*
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