[Pt2024] Biomechanics Tutoring

Ghanime, Gabriella gmghanime0416 at email.campbell.edu
Mon Apr 4 18:19:39 EDT 2022

Hey everyone,

The other second year tutors and I wanted to let you know about a few dates
and times in the next couple weeks! We'll be having our review
session/kahoot before the final on 4/20 at 4pm in 308.

For walk-in hours:

Josh, Mackenzie and Steve will be available 4-5:30 on Wednesday's.
Layne and I will be available 4-6 on Tuesday's starting 4/12.
If these times do not work for you feel free to email us to schedule an

Hope to see you all there,

*Gabriella Ghanime, SPT*
*Campbell University*
Doctor of Physical Therapy | *Class of 2023*
Technology Chair | *CU Pro Bono Board*
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