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 Indonesia is one of the most unusual countries in the world. It is located
through two continents (Asia and Oceania) and, rather than being a single
island, it comprises a chain comprising more than 17,500 islands divided
into 34 provinces. It has strong economic ties that extend to Asia and a
number of Western countries, but whilst several of the islands like Bali as
well as Jakarta are top destinations for tourists The government of the
country has made great efforts to ban gambling in all forms.
The Legal Landscape

Whilst the rest of Asia is reported to be experiencing massive expansion in
online gambling, Indonesia is sadly bucking the trend by actively pushing
in the opposite direction. This is despite a recent report from accountants
PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), who suggest that the gambling industry in
Asia is set to skyrocket in value from $34 billion to nearly $80 billion
over the next few years.

The figures haven't affected the Indonesian Ministries of Social Affairs,
Religious Affairs and Communications & IT, however, when they made it clear
that they would be planning to amend their laws to make all types of online
gambling illegal. This was thought to be a reaction to the large amount of
money being spent betting on Euro 2012 football championship, with
Indonesia's Jakarta Post reporting that billions of Rupiah were being
played online, and that some players were selling their homes in order to
play in.

The implementation of strict Islamic Law is another driving force behind
the country's unusual gambling laws, which make the majority of gambling is
strictly forbidden. Instead of focusing on a single root problem with
online gambling, though the plan of the government is to join their
collective resources and try to tackle the issue across multiple fronts. An
earlier report indicated that the Communications and IT ministry would be
examining the issue from a technological angle, in order to prevent
Indonesian residents from accessing online gambling websites entirely.

Although online gambling is not legal in Indonesia however, the
government's sweeping approach has resulted in numerous loopholes and gaps.
Setting the government's bluster to one side, there is at present nothing
stopping Indonesian citizens from registering on sites hosted in other
countries. In fact, top situs judi online <https://www.bio-top.net/>
including Mr Green casino are still allowing Indonesian registrations.

[image: https://i.ibb.co/dMHqCrW/lotto-games.jpg]
Popular Markets

Even despite the state's best attempts, online casinos are still hugely
popular in Indonesia, with both betting on sports betting and table games
attracting thousands of dollars in bets - this was evident in an article in
the year 2010, which revealed that two local online casinos were closed
after receiving $50,000 per day. Alongside a variety of imported sports
badminton is now an extremely popular sport in Indonesia, with the
country's national team securing 13 victories in the annual Thomas Cup.

Illicit sportsbooks in the local market also offer odds on distinct Asian
and Indonesian games, such as the popular Pencak Silat - this is an
authentically Indonesian style of martial arts, and has become an essential
part of the biennial South East Asian Games. Kick volleyball in the style
known as Sepak Takraw is also popular and has thousands of fans flocked to
the sport every year.
The Future of Gambling in Indonesia

Since the announcement of their plans in 2012, Indonesian authorities took
a number of steps toward a total ban on online gambling in the country,
including a number of locally hosted websites shut down in the past couple
of months. As the government has learned, policing the internet isn't as
simple as it appears, and stopping access to websites is notoriously
difficult due to the variety of tools available that help to circumvent
standard IP blockages. Additionally, many among the best online gambling
sites are permitting Indonesian registrations including Mr Green casino
offering full access to their entire range of games.

At present, the only kind of legal gambling in the country comes from an
unlicensed lottery that is free and even this is coming under increasing
pressure from the government. Until the authorities make some fundamental
modifications to their policies, international websites are set to be the
only source of real gambling for the citizens of the nation.

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