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The transport sector in Europe, which accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, is the only main sector that has not been able to reduce emissions over the past 25 years. Electric vehicles (EVs) show great promise to meet CO2 reduction targets in the transport domain and to reduce local air pollution. Adoption of these vehicles is starting to take off as the main barriers, being the purchase price and the limited range due to high battery costs, are overcome by the introduction of more affordable, long range EVs into the market. One of the opportunities EVs offer in comparison to other Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) is the possibility of charging the car while being parked. This reduces the need for fast refuelling stations. Cars are parked 90-95% of the time, which provides the opportunity to overcome problems of limited range and long recharging times even with currently available short range vehicles. This requires instalment of (public) charging infrastructure at places where users park their cars such as at home, at work, or at public facilities such as shopping centres.

Zap Vehicle Charging<https://www.zapvehiclecharging.co.uk/> are UK leaders in electric vehicle charging<https://www.zapvehiclecharging.co.uk/our-story> with innovative solutions for homes, workplaces and commercial organisations. Our mission is to drive Zap and its range of electric vehicle chargers to being the most advanced smart solution for all customers, retailers or manufacturers. ZAP aims to be the ideal choice in the EV charging UK<https://www.zapvehiclecharging.co.uk/our-story> and Europe.

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The professionals at Zap Vehicle Charging<https://www.zapvehiclecharging.co.uk/> will help you determine which residential charger is best for your home, and can also install it for you.
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