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Green, Michelle D mgreen at campbell.edu
Wed Aug 11 08:46:09 EDT 2021

Last night, Dr. Hedgecoe (our super tall Neurowellness participant who is a dentist) passed away. In the early morning he had a massive hemorrhage and had to ventilated upon arrival to the ER (where he had to stay because there are no ICU beds:(  ). And last night, his heart stopped.

In the 10 months I worked with him, he taught me so much- about therapy, about being a better therapist, really thinking about the patient and their environment and salience. He taught me a lot about oyster knives, weird things true country folk eat (squirrel brains, fish from the bottom of the ocean), how to stuff a turkey and mount it and how to smoke the most amazing salmon. He also showed me what it looks like to live in a community and be part of it- to give back and be kind. And gosh, did he love his family fully and unapologetically. What an amazing man and I feel we have all benefited from the kindness he and his wife showed all of us.

I will keep you posted of services. Please add his wife Margaret and children Anne and David and their families to your thoughts and prayers.
I look forward to seeing the 2nd years on Monday and 3rd years- keep it going strong- you are almost there!

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