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I was just copied in on an email from John at the medical store where several of you ordered your equipment. Please see the most recent information below and reach out to John (john at themedicalstore.biz<mailto:john at themedicalstore.biz>) to work with them to get a replacement item or to discuss options.

I am sorry for the delay, but the Rechargeable Oto/ophthalmoscopes are on a nationwide back order from Welch Allyn.  This is has been going on since June so they are not available anywhere.  We were expecting to receive them by the end of this week.  I just had a phone conference with my colleagues at Welch Allyn and due to raw material shortages they pushed that back to the 1st or 2nd week of September.

We can substitute a less expensive Welch Allyn oto/ophthalmoscopes set that I have in stock and refund you the difference.

Attached is a comparison chart with the set you ordered (71-SM2LXU for $509) and the set I have available in stock (STU-151 for $349).

The less expensive set is still a 3.5V Welch Allyn set, so it has the same light output as the sets your students traditionally receive.  The less expensive set comes with an older otoscope head, simpler ophthalmoscope head and battery powered handle.  The biggest difference is in the power handle.

  *   The set I have available has a C Battery powered handle that cannot be recharged.  It is the same size and appearance as the silver rechargeable NiCad handle, but it runs on store bought batteries.

  *   The otoscope in the less expensive set has 2X's magnification instead of 5X's magnification and it has a Halogen Bulb instead of LED.

  *   The 11710 Ophthalmoscope head in the less expensive set is the exact same as the 11720-L ophthalmoscope your student traditionally receive, except it does not have the cobalt blue filter.

  *   The less expensive set has a soft case, while the set your students traditionally receive has a hard case.

Thank you,
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