Thankachan, Tincy t_thankachan0730 at email.campbell.edu
Mon Oct 4 16:23:55 EDT 2021

Hello Everyone!!

Pharmacy Student Executive Board (PSEB) is hosting a Social Game Day where
all pharmacy students are welcome to join in teams and play/compete in
games of sand volleyball and flag football. We encourage you all to come
and mingle and have fun! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free
to reach out to me (Tincy Thankachan) or Arilyn Maier.* Don't forget to
sign up using the link below. *Hope to see you all there!

*When:* October 14th, 2021 from 4pm - 7pm EST
*Where: *Saylor Park & Sand Volleyball Courts
*Cost:* FREE!!
*Sign up deadline: *October 12th, 2021
*(Refreshments will be provided)*

*Sign up using the following link:*

Have a great day!!

Best Regards,
Tincy Thankachan
PSEB Social Chair
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